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How to Avoid Jet Lag…Tips That Actually Work!

How to Avoid Jet Lag…Tips That Actually Work!

I’m sharing my secret remedy for jet lag! Whether you are traveling to the other side of the country or across the world, these tips will help you kick the terrible feeling of jet lag.

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I don’t know about you but when I travel, I don’t want to spend the first half of my trip feeling tired and hungover with jet lag. I want to hit the ground running no matter if I’m traveling for work or for fun.


I know, I know…right now you are saying to yourself “but Danielle, I hate getting up and having to pee on the plane”. Especially if you are a window seat girl like I am. I get it.

Two things about that:

One: it turns out that getting up and out of your seat to stretch those legs and move your body is REALLY good for you. You’ll feel better and travel healthier.

Two: you actually won’t have to pee as much as you think. Even though you will be drinking a lot of water, your body will actually retain much more than normal due to how dry the plane’s air is and how fast your body loses moisture.

So, embrace it and make sure you hydrate.

So, just how much water should you be drinking while you fly? For every 4 hours, I make sure that I have one liter of water with me. So, on those 14 hour flights, I have at least 3-4 liters of water with me. Yep! THAT MUCH WATER!! And yep, it gets heavy in my bag. But it is SO worth it so I’m not jet-lagged when I arrive.

I think people look at me and think I’m a crazy person.

There is a balance to how much water to stock up on. If you have connections where you have to go through security again (ie. you have a connection through Heathrow in London), don’t stock up too much because you will end up throwing it away. And that is a very sad day.

The most efficient way to get all of the H2O that you need is to bring empty foldable water bottles with you. Once you are through security, most airports have drinking fountains where you can fill up or find a coffee shop that will fill them for you. I usually carry three bottles plus my shaker bottle = 4 total. I like these.

With hydration, there are also a few supplements that are a must:

1. Electrolytes!!! 

I like these. These are similar to Emergen-C® but these seem to be better quality (in my opinion), non-GMO and taste great! Not only do they have electrolytes but they also pack a punch of vitamins and minerals to keep your immunity up…which is always a very good thing when you are stuck on a plane with hundreds of your closest friends. 😉 I will usually dump a packet into the last little bit of each of my water bottles as I’m finishing them.

2. No Jet Lag Pills. 

They actually work…IF you remember to take them. You are supposed to take them upon take-off and then every two hours while you are in the air. I don’t really sleep on planes so sticking to this schedule is pretty easy for me. If you are lucky enough to be able to sleep on planes, then anytime you wake up, chew on a pill.

3. Cold Calm. 

These are little melt-away pills with a whole lot of vitamins. This is a new addition to my regimen. I take two of these under my tongue every time I take a No Jet Lag Pill. I can say that adding these little buggers has helped tremendously!

4. Ketones

I drink exogenous ketones on a regular basis but having them while I travel is crucial. I usually pack a couple caffeinated and a couple non-caffeinated, so I have options. Drinking these during travel keeps my blood sugar level in check and helps my brain not feel fuzzy. I have also noticed that the typical swelling that occurs while flying has been minimal to non-existent since adding this. Click to learn more about ketones.

Other notable mentions:

Lip Balm & Lotion – Since the air gets so dry in the plane, you’ll want to have these handy at all times.

Hand Sanitizer – Because well, germs…and COVID.

Elderberry Chewables – Elderberry is great for the immune system and chewing on these during your flight, and throughout your travel, will help to give your immunity a good boost.

Ginger Candies – Sometimes, the food you eat on the plane or while you are trveling make your belly feel a little wonky. Ginger candies do very well at soothing your belly when it’s not feeling quite right.

I keep a little pouch handy with all of the goodies listed above. It makes it easy to grab them and use what I need.

I hope you find these tips useful. Cheers to no more jet lag! Happy traveling.

Do you have any tips for avoiding jet lag that you do whenever you travel? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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