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5 Theme Ideas for an Epic Halloween Party

5 Theme Ideas for an Epic Halloween Party

There are always so many ideas for Halloween parties that it can be overwhelming. I always say…”Start with a theme”! Here are 5 EPIC Halloween party theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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When we lived in Idaho, we threw a Halloween party every year. And every year, we wanted this party to be more EPIC than the year before. We did photo scavenger hunts, themed dinner parties, and – my favorite – the Amazing Halloween Race, loosely based on the hit show Amazing Race.

So, I’ve scoured the internet to bring you 5 Halloween Party theme ideas…

5 Ideas for an Epic Halloween Party Theme

1. Halloween Horror Movie Party

You can’t go wrong with a Halloween Horror Movie party. You can either go classic, slasher, whatever you like best! Check out these awesome ideas from Sassaby Party Co. Her popcorn bar is to die for!!

2. Zombie Party

Zombie parties are super fun to theme! The decorations are pretty simple and theming the food can be disgustingly clever. Brain crab dip anyone?! Check out these super simple but totally epic ideas from Frog Prince Papery. She shares an edible blood recipe that will make your zombie party complete!

3. Spooky Halloween Mansion

I freaking love a good old fashion Halloween Party. Turning your home into a Spooky Halloween Mansion with themed foods and spooky decorations always makes an epic Halloween party. Check out Pizzazzerie’s ideas for an unforgettable party that can be for both children and adults. And beware of hitchhiking ghosts!!

4. Sleepy Hollow

I have always wanted to have a Sleepy Hollow themed Halloween party. This theme would make an epic Halloween dinner party! And oh the dresses you could wear!! I would totally have all of the party guests dress in a costume that fits the era of this classic. And of course, someone would need to be missing their head! Atta Girl Says has some EPIC decoration ideas for this theme. 

5. Harry Potter

Anyone who knows me knows I love Harry Potter. This list wouldn’t be complete without a Harry Potter themed party! The really cool thing about a Harry Potter theme is that you can cater it to any age; children, teens, and adults. Check out these awesome ideas from PopSugar!

Do you have an epic Halloween party idea that you’d like to share?

Share your ideas and photos in the comments!